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"Ego Dissolution" Orgonite Pyramid

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Ego Dissolution:

Ego dissolution was created by source to remind the ego that it was not what it created. It reminded ego that no matter what it created and how great, it will all eventually end & go back to ego only to be created again. Ego dissolution helps the ego balance its creations and its relationship to source. It gives ego clarity and perspective. Every time ego creates and every times egos creations die the cycle is repeated. This is the Cycle of Life. 


If you landed on this page, it was for a reason. Whether its to harmonize your energy, get rid of negative energy or to recalibrate you energy and align with your higher self, you are here for a reason.

This Orgonite Pyramid is made with ethically sourced genuine crystals, eco-friendly resin and metals shavings. All of our products are created with loving intent to promote positive living and a happier life.

What Does an Orgonite Pyramid Help With?

Pyramid healing: Power which heals seven chakras of body

Our Orgonite Pyramids are proven to help with many issues by not only eliminating negative energy around you, but also improving your already high vibrational energy.

Radiation in your hands, a guide for living in the hyper-digital world,  Part I

With the expansion and advancements in technology, our bodies and inner beings are being bombarded by harmful frequencies. These frequencies are called EMF the item you're using to view this page right now is emitting EMF's.

Our Orgonite Pyramids are proven to protect against these harmful EMF's. We carefully chose and layered various metals and crystals in our pyramids which have an amazing ability to decrease radiation. Radiation is known to alter atoms and damage tissue & DNA! Even if you don't like our pyramids, we beg you to get some type of EMF protection.

Our Orgonite Pyramids have shown to filter and balance the energy field around us and in our environment. This can aid in strengthening your body and mind by converting LOW frequency energy, into a higher frequency that is more beneficial to you and those you love.

What are the benefits of Orgonite?

  • Clearing negative energy.
  • Improves sleep and dreams.
  • Purifies the air.
  • Reduces Stress and increases energy.
  • Helps plants to flourish.
  • Improves meditation, spiritual and psychological growth.
  • Reduces radiation. Decreased sensitivity to EMFs.
  • Balanced moods.

Tell me more about the significance of Pyramids.

Pyramids have been used to amplify and transform energies since ancient times. Pyramids existed in numerous ancient cultures and are considered to be one of the strongest talismans on earth. They served as symbols of spiritual power, eternal life and cosmic energy. Today, their likeness is used to charge crystals, herbs, pendulums, water, essential oils and other items.

Pyramids are also highly symbolic in spiritual practices. The base of the pyramid the physical body, while the sides represent the journey of life. The point symbolizes the union with ones self and ones higher power.

Why should we use Orgonite Pyramids in energy healing?

Pyramids are known to help people realize the actual meaning of peace and tranquility while meditating. They also help you experience a total body relaxation because it is said that the pyramids relax your soul. When the soul is relaxed, it feels like being weightless and transports you to a higher frequency, leaving all negativity behind.

The pyramids also help to achieve a greater state of consciousness which allows the body tap into its hidden energies. With Pyramids, its show to help one become totally aware of whats happening inside them, instead of being aware of only the the external environment. 

Transform yourself by becoming a calmer, more concentrated and peaceful intelligent living being.

Size: 6x6cm

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